The City of Callisburg has over 100 ordinances that regulate numerous activities of a local government, all of which are available for review at City Hall. 

Below are descriptions of some of the most common Ordinances. The full ordinances for these may be viewed from the “Home” page.

Building Permits
Building permits and inspections are required for the construction, improvement, remodeling, moving or demolishing of any building (including commercial and institutional buildings), residence, structure (including sheds, storage buildings, barns, garages, and carports), driveway or parking lot, swimming pools, and sprinkler systems, the cost of which is to exceed $1,000.00.  A fee schedule has been established as well as penalties for non-compliance.

Building Permit Application

The City of Callisburg follows the County’s burn ban declarations.

Dangerous Buildings
Provides for the definition of a dangerous building or structure; declares such structures to be a public nuisance, provides standards for repair, vacation, or demolition; and provides for penalties.

Fire Code
The adopted 2018 Edition of the International Fire Code regulates and governs the safeguarding of life and property from fire and explosion hazards arising from the storage, handling and use of hazardous substances, materials and devices, and from conditions hazardous to life and property in the construction and occupancy of buildings and premises.  The City requires annual permits and inspections of all non-residential occupancies and has established procedures and conditions for obtaining an annual permit and establishing a fee schedule.

General Requirements for Development
Prescribes general requirements for public works improvements to facilitate development; and provides for penalties.

Grease/Sand Interceptors
Requires the installation and maintenance of grease/sand interceptors for all food establishments and all listed establishments as specified in Section 1003.1 of the International Plumbing Code; and provides for penalties.

Manufactured Home
Regulates the placement of HUD-Code manufactured homes and mobile homes; requires owner occupancy; requires license application and permit; and provides for penalties.

Non-Residential Development
Prescribes rules and regulation governing non-residential development of land within the corporate limits and extra-territorial jurisdiction of the City of Callisburg; and provides for penalties.

Concerns weeds, grass, rubbish, brush, or any other unsightly, objectionable, or unsanitary matter of whatever nature to accumulate that could become a fire hazard or is injurious to the health of the citizens of Callisburg.

Sexually Oriented Business
Provides for the licensing and regulation of sexually oriented businesses.

Prescribes rules and regulations governing plats, plans, and subdivisions of land within the corporate limits and extra-territorial jurisdiction of the City of Callisburg; and provides for penalties.

Water/Sewer Service
There are several ordinances that govern water/sewer service.